Served with rice, bean, and corn tortillas.


Huevos con chorizo/

Eggs and Mexican Sausage         $6.75

Huevos con Jamon/

Eggs & Ham                                     $6.50

Huevos ala Mexicana/

Mexican style eggs                       $6.25

Huevos Rancheros/

Ranch style eggs                               $6.95

Huevos el chicano/

El Chicano Eggs                                  $7.95

Opcion de carne/

Choice of Meat:

Asada/Steak, Al Pastor/Marinated Pork, Chorizo/Mexican sausage

(served with just rice)



Queso Blanco y Chips/

Cheese dip & chips  $4.50

Guacamole y Chips   $5.00

Nachos Tejanos    $8.00

(carne, frijoles, jitomate, guacamole, creama, queso y jalapenos, choice

of meat, beans, guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, Mexican crema and jalapenos)

Quesadilla regular/

Cheese Quesadilla $4.95

Served with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole

Quesadilla con Carne/Quesadilla with meat  $8.95

choice of meat, served with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole.

Botana El Chicano    $15.25

Steak, hot dog sausage and shrimp with red hot sauce

Pozole/Hominy and Pork   $8.00

Sopa de Mariscos/

Seafood Soup


Caldo de Res/Beef Soup   $8.00



Caldo de Pollo/Chicken Soup  $8.00

Ensalada de Taco/Taco Salad                $7.95

Pollo,Asada, o Carne Molida, Lechuga, Jitomate, Queso, Cilantro, cebolla, guacamole

Taco Salad

Meat Choices:

Chicken, Steak, Beef

Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, cilantro, guacamole.

Ensalada de Pechuga de Pollo-Grill Chicken Salad        $8.95

Ensalada de Camarones-Grill Shrimp Salad              $9.95



All served on corn tortillas (flour tortillas upon request).

Mexican Style: Cilantro, onions, guacamole. American Style: Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese.


 Pollo/Chicken $2.75 each

Asada/Steak $2.75 each

Carnitas/Pork $2.75 each

Al Pastor/Marinated Pork $2.75 each

Cecina/Salted Steak $2.75 each

Tripa/Tripe       $3.25/each

Lengua/Beef Tonge      $4.00/each

Camarones/Shrimp        $4.00/each

(Topped with Pico de Gallo)

Add Ons:

Sour cream .25, Cheese .25, Lettuce .25, Tomatoes .25



Seved with rice, bean, and corn tortillas.

Pollo / Chicken or Bistec / Steak   $13.50

Combinadas/Combination    $14.95

(Pollo/Chicken, Asada/Steak, Camaron/Shrimp)

Mariscos/Seafood    $15.95

Fried tortilla chips, sautéed in red or green sauce with choice of meat, onions, avocado, cheese and Mexican crema.

Regulares / Regular   $6.25

Pollo / Chicken    $8.50

Asada / Steak    $8.50

Carinatas / Pork    $8.50

Cecina / Salted Steak   $8.50

Con Carne y Huevo / with Meat and Eggs  $10.50



Served with rice, beans and corn tortillas. / Servido con arroz, frijoles y tortillas.

Cecina / Salted Steak    $11.50

Cecina con Todo    $14.50

Carnitas / Baked Pork   $10.95

Carne Asada / Grilled Steak   $14.50

Bistec a la Mexicana   $15.95

(Grill steak sautéed with jalapnenos, tomatoes and onions)

Bistec Tapiqueno    $15.95

(grill steak covered with mole sauce and cheese)

Chuletas ala Broila / Broiled Pork Chops $12.95

Chuletas ala Mexicana   $14.95

(broiled pork chops suateed with jalapenos, tomatoes and onions)

Pechuga de Pollo / Grill Chicken Breast $11.50

Servido con arroz, frijoles, tortillas y ensalada. / Served with rice, beans, tortillas and a small salad.

Mojarra Frita    $13.50

Whole deep fried Mojarra seasoned with our personal spices

Mojarra ala diabla    $15.25

Fried whole Mojarra then suateed with a hot sauce, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes.

Camarones a la diabla   $15.95

Fresh shrimp in hot sauce, chopped jalapenos, onions and tomatoes

Camarones a la veracruzana  $15.95

Fresh shimp in a light sauce with chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and chipotle peppers.

Camarones al mojo de ajo   $13.95

Shrimp sautéed in a light garlic sauce

Filete de Tilapia ala broila   $12.50

Fresh filet of Tilapia broiled in a lean garlic sauce

Filete de Tilapia ala veracruzana  $15.95

Suateed with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and chipotle peppers.

Cocktel de Camarones-Shrimp Cocktaill $11.50

El chicano secret sauce, avocado, onions, cilantro and served with crackers.

Beans, guacamole, jalapeños, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

Pollo/Chicken • Asada/Steak • Carnitas/Pork • Chorizo/Mexican Sausage •

Jamon/Ham • Hawaiian


Hot Dog Sausage * Ham

* Breaded Steak.



Contains beans, rice, onions, cilantro, guacamole, cheese-

served with house salad. Cheese Dip extra charge.


Pollo/Chicken, Asada/Steak, Chorizo/Mexican Sausage,

Al Pastor/Marinated Pork, Cecina/Salted Steak,

Carnitas/Pork, Vegetariono/Vegetarian.

Camarones/Shrimp   $9.95


Topped with beans, lettuce, Mexican crema, cheese,


Choice of Meat: $2.95

Pollo-Chicken, Asada-Steak, Al Pastor-Marinated Pork,

Chorizo-Mexican Sausage, Cecina-Salted Steak,

Molida-Ground Beef, Carnitas-Pork

Camarones-Shrimp: $4.25


Pollo/Chicken * Asada/Steak * Carnitas/Pork

* Chorizo/Mexican Sausage * Jamon/Ham * Hawaiiana


Served with rice and beans.

Enchiladas de Queso/Cheese Enchiladas                          $7.95

Choice of green or red sauce

Enchiladas Combinadas/Combination Enchiladas          $9.25

Una de Pollo, Asada y Queso (One Chicken, Steak and Cheese)


Chicken Fingers    $5.50

Mozarella Sticks    $5.00

Cheeseburger    $5.00

Quesadilla    $5.00

w/ rice and beans.


Coke Products    $2.25

Jarritos     $2.00

Sweet Tea/Unsweetened    $2.25

Rasberry Tea     $2.25


Med $2.00 / Grande $3.50

Horchata - Rice Water

Tamarindo - Tamarind

Jamaica - Hibiscus


Arros/Rice    $3.00

Frijole/Beans    $3.00

Guacamole    $4.50

Jalapenos    $1.50

Fries     $1.95

Tortillas     $1.00

Nopales     $1.75


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of food borne illness